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This page has moved to a new address.

SO TOtally Blessed

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crafting Corner

This has become my crafting corner lately where creativity meets spray paint. 

 There are so many little areas of the house that I've been trying to decorate for years. They either need some color, some decorative organizational piece or just a plain, cute accessory. Fortunately, I have quite the collection of supplies from thrift shops, Goodwill, garage sales or freebies. The hardest part for me is finding the time to experiment.
This is one transformation that actually didn't turn out to be a flop.
$3 frame from Goodwill store (The nice thick matte caught my eye).
Enter spray paint (I just recently learned you could spray paint a matte! So exciting!) and some left over fabric lying around and vwala, a nice piece of art for the potty room.
I used to have a chalkboard in that space but with all the water and moisture, it didn't hold up very well and began to warp. I think this dresses it up nicely!
And this is a sneak peek at a few accessories I'll be using for an upcoming celebration I'm just so excited about. Love me some party planning!
In case it wasn't obvious, the theme is WHITE.... More on that very soon!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On the mend (& loving our Bapa time)

I'm happy to report that we are (finally) on the mend. 
 No more fevers.
No more pinning down my 18 month old to give her eye drops. 
Four. Times. A. Day. 
 No more getting sprayed in the face by sneezes and finding random mocos (our family's word for boogies) on my arms. No joke. 
Other than momma's very annoying, very persistent cough, we are excited about our health. And our energy.
 And about seeing Bapa shortly after waking for donuts; for fixing things; for hanging new sconces because momma found some for $10 that she just had to have; and for getting ready for a very exciting event coming up. 
Thank you Dad for choosing to spend the last 3 days with us in your final days of summer vacation. 
Thank you, yet again, for your labors of love. 
Thank you for brightening our day.  
Thank you for giving yourself to us.  
Thank you for bringing excitement and inspiration to our home. 
Thank you for infusing your love into each and every one of us.
 I'm not sure why this came out so blurry but I love what it depicts.
A special moment between the guys. No words necessary.


Monday, August 22, 2011

When it rains

...It pours.
I have always remembered my extremely wise Grandma's words that although mothering is a challenge in itself, nothing is worse than when your kids are sick. The feeling of helplessness. Of desperation. Of absolute fatigue. And this is coming from no wimp. A mother to nine, one of which she had to bury before her 1st birthday. Five of which she birthed at home. With no medication. Whatsoever. Anyway, I've been extremely blessed with extremely healthy kids but as our family grows, so do the chances of spreading illness and boy has it been rough the last couple of weeks. Bouncing back and forth between 3 babies in the middle of the night to get juice and cool wash cloths, to nurse, to hold, to comfort, and to pray with when momma's not feeling her best to begin with is a humbling experience. 
So I did what every other responsible mother would do in this situation. 
I gave my children ice cream. Lots of it. Never mind that it's 10 o'clock in the morning. 
Never. Say. Never.  ;)
Thankfully, this little guy Mr. chunk has steered clear of the infections looming in our home. 
 He has, however, continued growing leaps and bounds, eating well, evident by his milk mustache and 6 month attire and sleeping well (last night was the 5th consecutive night of 6+ hours, followed by 4 more) allowing momma to attend to his sick sisters and keep her head above water.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1 Month!

Well hello there, Mr. Handsome
You are one tough little guy to be surrounded by your loving sisters who smother you to death with squeezes and kisses...
Where has the last month gone??? Ah yes, to loads of laundry stained in poop, to 3 am diaper changes (nothing like being sprayed with urine in the middle of the night and you're half asleep), to mastering the art of getting 3 individuals dressed, groomed (fancy word for getting the teeth brushed. Hair combing has no chance anymore), fed and out the door in less than an 2 3 hours, to spit up, lots and lots of spit up, to 1 breast infection, to breathing in your baby goodness, to holding you and gazing upon your face. And of course, to feeding you, nursing and more boob flashing, giving you these nice, plump rolls in the making to show for it...
You are most definitely the biggest baby of the 3. Your sisters weren't your size until month 3. I just barely blinked and you went from wearing size newborn in the 1st week to being nearly too big for all 0-3 and 3 month clothes less than 3 weeks later. I had to add some 6 mo onesies to my shopping list because your wardrobe didn't go up that high and I thought I'd have much more time to gather some hand-me-downs before your buttons were unsnapping before my very eyes! 
Your temperament seems to be pretty simple. You're very content, very pensive, very sober for the most part...
(deep in thought here..."what's for dinner, Ma?")
...Unless of course something is wrong...
But you are easily comforted and I am much more apt to figure things out this third time around.
You have developed this bad habit though, and it's really quite embarrassing for me coming from such a young one of mine ...
You'd think I didn't teach the boy any manners! 

And for fun, here are the three Soto babes at week 4 in birth order...

Definitely related! :)

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Funnies

Ever since Mr. Serious has been born, I've been saying he reminds me of someone. It's been bugging me that I can't figure out who it is. Today as he was doing what he does best in the swing, daddy called me over with his iphone in hand saying "you know who he looks like?" and shows me this:

Not exactly who I had in mind but definitely gave me a good laugh.
In case you're wondering, here's what I saw when daddy put the phone next to the munchkin:
 I actually think this might be a more accurate comparison (minus the pursed lips) to Sir Churchill:
 Okay, but why am I trying so hard to make my child resemble a 70+ year old man, albeit a respected, distinguished old man, anyway??? 

Note to self: Need. to. get. out. of. the. house...

Don't hate me little guy when you see these one day. It's your mom's desperate (& a tad pathetic) need for some entertainment after being knocked down (quite literally) like a 1-2 punch by a horrid breast infection followed by a breakout in lovely cold sores. From high fevers, aching from head to every toe joint, nausea and fatigue to swollen glands, sore throat, headache and nasty blisters covering my face that make me feel like a leper, it's been a rough couple of days. And for what I've gone through, I think I've earned it.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Family of Five

Our first official photo as a family of five.
Ignore the fact that the females are sitting far from lady-like and the boy is halfway dressed.
 Not too bad considering naps and feedings were completely thrown off "schedule" (very loosely used) due to 2 parties and 3 stops, hours away from home, in one day.

Speaking of family of five, it finally happened. I knew the day would come. I've been expecting it with sort of an anxious, nervous dread. Well, today was the day. It lasted for what seemed to be an eternity to this delirious, sleep deprived, irritable mom who has absolutely zero perception of time but I'm sure it really was only a few minutes, maybe even one. All 3 offspring whining crying screaming at the same time. And all for good reason.  All needing mommy. One was tired and hungry in need of a "milk booby" (as Spicy refers to it), one uncomfortable sitting in a dirty diaper, and the oldest completely flustered by a time constraint (I'm sure my yelling didn't help her level of anxiety) and frustrated at the inability to put her shoes on solo.  I knew daddy was busy grooming himself for an important meeting and I felt so overwhelmed. So paralyzed. So frustrated. I was tempted to join them as my internal thoughts quickly turned to audible shouts. I was on the brink of a breakdown when daddy stepped in (or rather, out, of the bathroom), reminded me to keep my composure, and swept the youngest babe away, making it manageable to attend to the other 2, pull it together and see daddy and Spicy off with a smile (genuine or not) on my dry, pale, worn face. ha! 

And now? As I sit in total silence, other than the clicking of my laptop keys, Spicy is en route to enjoy the Ringling Brothers circus, thanks to an extremely thoughtful and generous cousin of mine, Daddy is off hopefully making a big sale, and the house is still with two sleeping babes. Ahhh! How quickly things can change around here.
And although unfolded laundry, sticky floors and dishes caked with dried oatmeal residue from this morning's breakfast seem to glare their ugly faces at me, I think I'm going to go catch a wink or two. 
Good night!

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Batter Up

Since this is probably the last piece of newborn clothing Soren will be able to squeeze into, I had to snap a photo of him in this adorable sweatsuit (pants not pictured). 

With his baby acne and freshly spiked hair, and with the impressive stats at his check-up yesterday (11lbs & 22.5 inches, +2 points in both categories since birth) that caused the nurse to re-measure him 3 times, I'd say he's ready for some junior high baseball tryouts! (teehee)

Happy Friday!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Time Fun!

I don't think these 3 know just how lucky blessed they are...

Where can you go to take a break from work?

Where can you drive 7 miles and be in paradise?
...To be entertained by the world's biggest canon ball splash 
(me, exaggerating? maybe just a tad, no offense, Dad)
...To receive free swimming lessons from the most loving,
most patient,
most fun
teachers around?
Where can you go to play in a customized, spacious, warm, baja-wading area covered in mosaic water creatures to entertain this little one as the ocean breeze cools her back?
...To have lots of snuggle time with momma? 

...To soak your aching feet (ignore the fact that I desperately need a pedicure) in refreshing salt water as you watch your babies play and sleep?
 And where can you go where even toy dolls are found relaxing and sun bathing???
The Emde Resort, of course.
(a.k.a. Mimi & Bapa's!!!)

The kids and I are so very blessed to feel like we are vacationing every time we stop over for the day!

Happy Summering!
(and speaking of, can you believe we are already getting sneak previews of fall weather as well as fall catalogs in the mail and holiday hours coming to Target?!?! Don't know about you, but this summer is flying by for us)

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